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Marketing Agency Boosts Efficiency by 133% with OnScript

A leading performance marketing agency implemented OnScript to transform their operations. This integration resulted in a 50% reduction in costs, a 133.3% increase in management efficiency, and a 100% improvement in consistency. They also saw a 16.7% boost in honesty ratings while maintaining top compliance standards. This case study details how OnScript enhanced their quality control, operational consistency, compliance, and overall management efficiency.

Call Details

Cost Savings

revious Method

Previous Method

Offshore Labor

The client previously relied on offshore labor for quality control, which incurred significant costs.

revious Method

Impact of OnScript:

By integrating OnScript, the client achieved a 50% reduction in quality control costs. The automation and efficiency provided by OnScript significantly lowered operational expenses.


Consistency Rating Improvement

This is probably the area of greatest improvement for us. I would say the reliability of our QA is now far better than it was before. We've audited the dispositions of our calls and have been able to create insights into the quality of the calls coming into our buyers as well as buyer agent performance in a more consistent, less subjective manner. And fast.

Percentage Increase


Percentage Increase


Data Insight Rating Improvement

I'd like to get better at creating points of value attribution on our campaigns. That will take us some time to ask the right questions and create the right prompts.

Honesty of Publishers and Buyers


We have been able to look into some irregularities on calls found in our QA reporting much quicker than we would have sniffed them out with our previous QA approach. Our goal is to continue to implement OnScript on campaigns and find bad actors.

Management Efficiency


We generate more QA data in a day than we previously were able to generate in a month.

Key Metrics Summary

MetricPercentage Increase
Cost Savings+50%
Consistency Rating+100%
Honesty Rating+17%
Management Efficiency Rating+134%


The integration of OnScript has led to significant improvements in cost savings, consistency, and management efficiency for the client. While revenue and data insight remained unchanged due to the specific nature of their use case, the overall operational enhancements and financial benefits highlight the value of OnScript in optimizing quality control processes.